Custom Build Your Computer

You’ve dreamt about it forever. Now’s your chance. There’s never been a Rocketbetter time to get a custom built computer. From cheap yet powerful components to over-clocked liquid-cooled systems that are’nt going to break the bank, you’ll be very surprised by the affordable quality.

I can build any kind of system you desire be it a regular desktop, an ‘in-the-desk’ system or whatever your imagination can come up with.

How I Work

First, I will consult with you just to figure out what you want and how to proceed with building. Then I will do some research and some pricing and come up with a budget. I will send you a list of parts, how to order them and where to ship them. You pay direct to the supplier for all the parts so you know exactly what everything costs – no markup! Once I have received all the parts I assemble it and ship it to you. For this service I charge $300 USD plus shipping and handling. Some projects may be more depending upon the request but You will know up front what I plan to charge.

To get started, complete the form below and I will call for an initial consultation: