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Removing a Zombie Google Chrome Extension

After needlessly wasting a bunch of time to track down this issue I thought I would share this as it may help someone. Be aware that some Google extensions are now starting to import malware into your computer and behave in the same manner. I know of two very popular extensions Read Later and the Evernote Snipping Tool that install javascript from a company called snapfish and this thing injects all kinds of banners and popups of suggested purchases based on the content in the screen. Very annoying, very obtrusive, and very INTRUSIVE from a privacy perspective. This is how to get rid of a zombie Chrome Extension that just keeps coming back from the dead:

Developer as Commodity

Did I ever pick the right career! I just came across an ad for Developer Auction and was pleasantly surprised and reasonably worried to find that people with my skills are being auctioned to the highest bidder. Mostly this is a good thing and will inevitably drive up the base price for the services, but it is a little scary to compete on such a global level, especially against people that make in a month what I make in an hour. Check this site out – If you’re a technologist, you might find it very interesting / useful.

Thanksgiving – The Better Holiday.

I’ve always thought Thanksgiving was the better holiday mainly because it seems a more genuine holiday. The premise of Thanksgiving is not built on a religion. It does not have the commercial drive that other popular holidays have.
It’s only about being grateful for what you have and the friends and family who join you to that end.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!