I’m done with Agile

I’ve been working with large Fortune 500 companies here in Silicon Valley using Agile development processes for nearly fifteen years now. I have yet to find a workplace and business that has benefited from Agile and nearly all of them ruined their business in truth. In one exemplary case of heinous Agile abuse, I saw a multi-billion dollar company dissolve before my very eyes as everyone ran for the exits.

This article by Michael O. Church well explains the failings of Agile,

Source: Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are terrible – Michael O. Church

, but I’d like to add that Agile really empowers managers to dodge their responsibilities. This happened of course by moving the facility of production from the hands of managers to this rigid Agile structure and now there are few left that actually know how to facilitate production.

So, what’s the alternative? Well first, managers need to get back in touch with providing work as a human experience and not a competition against your team members devoid of any sense of accomplishment. While the Cabal is not utopia I certainly would like to see more of it though it definitely requires managers with some chops.

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