Fix Radeon 7800 series (et al) Black or Flashing Screen Issue

This issue has been plaguing me for a while and it apparently plagues a LOT of other people. It seems most to arise with Radeon 7800 series graphics cards but I have seen similar reported for other cards as well. In my case it is a Radeon 7870 and I’m happy to report that this issue can finally be put to bed, thank you very much!

So, if you are getting black screens or particularly flashing on and off screens this is due to a hardware acceleration bug in either the graphics card or in your browser software. The solution is to turn off the hardware acceleration in your browser (default ON). In Chrome’s case you go to the Settings menu and click the Advanced Settings and scroll right down to the bottom (its almost the last option). Turn it off and restart your browser. In Firefox the procedure is similar. Turn off the option in your browsers setting. I imagine IE and others are the same.

After months of testing I realized this was happening only when the browser was displaying something (usually and ad) with the flash plugin. It was hard to determine because this would happen even if the browser was hidden under an application so it would appear the application was causing it. Anytime flash caused hardware acceleration to be applied – bam – the strobe lights would come on 🙂

Something else that may be related and definitely doesn’t play well with flash video is to be sure your video settings are set to default.

As far as I can tell this fixes the issue. There are other posts out there about changing settings and memory, clock and gpu  options to fix the problem. You can go ahead and do all those things as you wish now because they aren’t the real cause of the problem.

This solution is completely anecdotal, I’d appreciate any feedback to either confirm or deny this suspicion. I really hope this helps you because this has been bugging me for ages!

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