The Hidden Tax of Being An Apple User

If you are a MAC user you are going to get charged more for pretty much everything on the Internet than a PC user. I started noticing this two years ago but lately it has become prevalent and everyone should know about it and especially that it is easy to avoid.

The story actually begins in 2000 when Amazon decided to try and charge more for the same DVD’s based on user criteria. Amazon claims it was random, but it was quite easy to replicate based on locale and user-agents. Amazon received floods of scornful feedback and reversed the program. By 2007, the debate was igniting again amongst industry insiders  because data-mining was becoming so sophisticated and greedy fingered corporate execs were salivating at the prospect. By 2010 the practice was becoming getting reintroduced and now it’s common practice – commonly referred to as dynamic pricing.

Now, I’ve heard people refer to this as the same thing as a local pricing for a cup of coffee in San Francisco versus Stockton, which is based on the higher cost of delivering the coffee in San Francisco. Well I’m sorry but that argument just doesn’t apply to the Internet. It costs the same in New York as it does in Moscow and the only difference is shipping which the customer usually pays for specifically.

You can read more about the practice here ->

And this is how you get around it and get charged what everyone else does ->

I wonder what Apple has to say about this practice?


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