For Older Slingboxes The Magic Number is 237

I discovered this fix for my Slingbox after many attempts to decipher the often disparate advice available and giving up on many attempts. I can’t guarantee this is going to work for you as I only have the one use case to prove but if you have an older Slingbox this just may be the solution to your connection problems.

The problem was that I could only get the Slingbox to run once after doing a complete reset of the system and reconfiguring it. After logging out, the Sling box was again unable to connect. There are lots of explanations of this problem but after trying most of them, I can tell you that there is really only two things you need to know. First, is that the default local IP address for your Slingbox (if it’s not working correctly) is probably 192.168.[your router channel].237. Second is that when you configure your Slingbox online it usually assigns it to 192.168.[your router channel] .254. The result is that networking will fail when it tries to reconnect because of the wrong IP address.

How To Fix It

  1. Reset your Slingbox by pressing the tiny reset button on the back of your box.
  2. Set your Router firewall to allow a virtual TCP/UDP server on port 5001 of IP 192.168.[your router channel].237
  3. Configure the router DMZ for the same as step 2
  4. Configure your Sling box as normal at
  5. Click on the “Internet Viewing…” button and on the right side of the form, manually change the IP address to 192.168.[your router channel].237
  6. Finish the setup.

That should do it. Your Slingbox should work as it is supposed to now. Please post any questions to the comments and I’ll try to help if I can.

PS: Don’t bother trying to configure the Slingbox to use IP 192.168.[X].254. I did this and was the reason it took me so long to figure out that it would not work. The older Slingboxes just seem to require the 192.168.[X].237 IP address.

One thought on “For Older Slingboxes The Magic Number is 237

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