“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” ~Saul Bass

Welcome to my blog. Since 2007,  It has been sort of a diary of a vagabond web developer. A mash-up of a bunch of meandering thoughts, some helpful tips, a recommendation here and there and, of course, vain self-promotion.

I have been a web developer from almost the beginning. After graduating from Capilano University in 1994, I fell into web development almost immediately because I had some programming experience and a degree in Graphic Design. Since then, I have worked for some of the biggest companies in the United States; Macy’s, eBay and Hotwire among others. ( See my resumé for a complete work history).

My great passion in life is art. To create is my “raîson d’ètre” and I spend most of my spare time expressing it in some way or another. I do my best to keep up my drawing and painting and lately I have become enthralled with 3D digital artwork. You can review some of my work at and

In 2002, I began ballroom dancing and now compete in it avidly. In August of 2011, my wife and I won the WDC South American Amateur Open and I was third in the WDC World Smooth Pro/Am Championships. I maintain a blog dedicated to community and culture of ballroom dancing called Ballroom Junky.